New weapon to tackle sheep stealing by using Britain’s greatest bird of prey

Laser beams shone on hillsides to be trialed in a bid to cease Britain’s greatest chicken of prey, the white-tailed Sea Eagle, from grabbing lambs to feed their chicks. It has a wing span of 245 centimeters.

It follows complaints from shepherds and farmers who are living in crofts in areas including the Isle of Skye and the Gairloch peninsula who’ve complained of the birds killing lambs and sheep up to 18 months historical.

Conservation company Scottish natural Heritage SNH observed trials the use of laser know-how can be cautiously monitored, with laser beams being shone on to the hills and never at once on the eagles.

New concepts being trialed include audio or gentle-primarily based chook scaring contraptions, with other measures, including slicing down trees close to a lambing area, also planned in a bid to cease eagles nesting in them and preying on lambs.

Ross Lilley, SNH’s sea eagle assignment supervisor, pointed out the severe considerations of some farmers and crofters in regards to the impact of sea eagles on farm animals have been recounted.

He noted: “At this point, no trials on laser-scaring deterrents for sea eagles were undertaken. they are below consideration together with other alternatives.”

David Colthart, a farmer and member of the Argyll and Lochaber Sea Eagle Stakeholder community, advised media in Scotland that not all sea eagles have been an issue however some did prey on lambs.

Colhart mentioned if the laser trial is a success it could be rolled out beneath license to other areas where the birds trigger issues.

A document in 2016 predicted the number of sea eagles become more likely to reach round 220 pairs through 2025, with knowledge for a a whole lot bigger population by means of 2040. Sea eagles became extinct within the UK in 1916, largely due to persecution. Sea eagles are one of britain’s most protected species.

The each day Telegraph reported that the rare eagles are were the discipline considering 1975 of a successful, however controversial, reintroduction software in diverse constituents of Scotland, most lately on the east coast.

A spokesman for SNH, the conservation agency, spoke of: “we’re working complicated with farmers, crofters and conservationists to minimize any affects. we are together trying to plot capability of reducing dangers of lambs being taken live.”

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