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What occurs when a laser hits anything

When a laser strikes a material, it acts identical to other radiation: Some is absorbed, some is mirrored, and a few may additionally pass through or be transmitted. however that doesn’t tell us a lot about what a selected, concentrated … Continue reading

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The Air Force is looking for more information about laser weapons to use against drones

The USS Ponce conducts an operational demonstration of the Office of Naval Research-sponsored Laser Weapon System LaWS in the Persian Gulf.US Navy photo by John F. WilliamsReleased The request outlines a directed-energy counter-UAS system that works with existing command-and-control systems … Continue reading

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New weapon to tackle sheep stealing by using Britain’s greatest bird of prey

Laser beams shone on hillsides to be trialed in a bid to cease Britain’s greatest chicken of prey, the white-tailed Sea Eagle, from grabbing lambs to feed their chicks. It has a wing span of 245 centimeters. It follows complaints … Continue reading

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Laser-Powered Fusion may additionally vigor Human Civilization In 10 Years

Fusion procedures power the sun. A very excessive amount of energy is fashioned in the superstar’s core familiar throughout the fusion of Hydrogen and Helium. The solar fuses 620 million metric a whole bunch hydrogen each and every 2d which powers the total … Continue reading

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FOBA Introduces a a hundred-Watt Fiber Laser

Variable scan head tuning, configurable beam flip unit and various interfaces allow integration into very nearly any current creation line the brand new 100-Watt fiber laser FOBA Y.1000 operates as much as 40 percent faster than usual 50-Watt lasers and … Continue reading

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Researchers Discover Way of Producing High Energy Photon Beams

Researchers have found a way of producing gamma rays in a  more efficient way than ever before. The energy that’s obtained is around a billion times higher than the energy photons produced within the visible light. This new discovery could … Continue reading

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