FOBA Introduces a a hundred-Watt Fiber Laser

Variable scan head tuning, configurable beam flip unit and various interfaces allow integration into very nearly any current creation line

the brand new 100-Watt fiber laser FOBA Y.1000 operates as much as 40 percent faster than usual 50-Watt lasers and enables for marking substrates that are usually intricate to mark with other models. It applies effective marks on heavy put on items to be sure abrasion-proof legibility. Its compact design allows for a clean integration into present creation strains. Outlining its main benefits, FOBA’s new Y.a thousand stands for an impressive high-performance, speedy and exact half marking system.

The a hundred-Watt fiber laser is ideally suited for marking and engraving automobile and aerospace accessories, as a result of engraved marks are mighty and confirm long-term legibility during the entire product existence cycle. this applies to high-put on products like engine components, ball bearings, break programs or extruded products and cables. most appropriate mark contrast and resistance qualities be sure reputable half traceability and coverage against product forgery.

to meet distinctive velocity and contrast requisites for custom-made purposes, four focal widths are available, allowing for changes to marking box dimensions in addition to marking speeds.

Even for on-the-fly-marking marking on relocating items in continual processing strains, it is feasible to reap marking field dimensions of as much as 498 x 367 millimeters, as a result enabling enormously productive marking with highest throughput. The obtainable significant marking container also enables for the speedy and effortless marking on colossal-sized accessories or for making use of dissimilar marks on one product. All created marks are of a at all times high great and accuracy. a distinct, variable scan head tuning is obtainable in two modes – for extremely good or high-speed purposes – and enables sharp marking results at line speeds of up to 600 metersminute.

The laser beam may also be located in two angles, either ninety levels precise down or zero degrees straight ahead, which is an constructive integration simplifying function. a different integration improvement is the device’s compatibility with quite a lot of interfaces like Ethernet and RS-323 or, from quarter 22018, additionally Profibus, Profinet and TCPIP with software version MarkUS 2.12. This makes it handy to install application configuration for the mixing into production strains.

The air-cooled equipment requires hardly any laser source preservation, in distinction to the prolonged upkeep requirements of water-cooled techniques. in addition, the laser supply’s lifespan is tremendously longer, compared to other excessive-vigor Nd:YAG-lasers with lamps or diodes, which deserve to be exchanged regularly. Downtimes as a result of laser supply change are consequently pretty much as good as gone.

FOBA’s product manager Markus Vetter summarizes the merits of the brand new Y.a thousand: “Our fiber laser marking technology permits highest creation efficiency and speed, whereas proposing highest reliability and most advantageous-in-class marking first-rate. This gadget, which has been developed in shut cooperation with our overseas shoppers, complies with disturbing industrial necessities.”

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